SimpleTwitter 插件的使用 英语说明是SimpleTwitter 作者所有,中文说明是大排翻译的,不妥之处请大家指正…

SimpleTwitter 插件的使用

英语说明是SimpleTwitter 作者所有,中文说明是大排翻译的,不妥之处请大家指正!

SimpleTwitter is a plug-in for WordPress which enables WordPress blog owners to easily add Twitter messages to their templates.

SimpleTwitter 插件是wordpress博客的一个插件,可以让博客使用者简单的添加你的Twitter 到你的模板中



Once installed, the plug-in is used by adding the following call in a template.


<?php get_twitter_msg(); ?>

There's no formatting. All this returns is the plain text that is the most recent Twitter post found for the configured Twitter user. The message will be cached for the configured number of minutes. After this time, Twitter is checked for new messages. All configuring is done through an additional Options menu in wp-admin; no editing of the plug-in code is required.

它没有固定的格式。所有文本的发表取决于Twitter 用户的控制。消息将保存显示为几分钟内发布的文本。当这几分钟以后,它讲自动检查新的消息文本。所需代码无需编辑,讲全都设置添加到管理按钮中。



SimpleTwitter has been tested with php version 4.4.3 and WordPress version 2.0.5. It may well work with other versions too.

SimpleTwitter 是在 php version 4.4.3 and WordPress version 2.0.5.平台中测试的。它将在其它版本中一样很好的运行。

It uses the cURL php libraries to make requests to, which are most likely installed when php was installed. If you get curl_init() function errors, you'll know you haven't got it, and unfortunately SimpleTwitter won't work for you. (If you know of a workaround that can allow me to use a more available/standard function and control URL request time outs, I'm all ears.)

它将使用cURL php 数据库来返回,就如同装在PHP环境中一样。如果你获取cURL php 函数错误,那么你应该知道你不幸运,你的平台不能运行它。



Download the latest version of SimpleTwitter from here, where full instructions are also available.


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