never say goodbye

People  want to have a permenent heart!Who am I ?I am a lazy guy.I owe you!I miss you!The life is lunatic,I am crazy!Where is the future,I can not feel confident in the future!Some trivial things!A gloomy world!

If I could take this moment forever
 Turn the pages of my mind
 To another place and time
 We would never say goodbye
 If I could find the words I would speak them
 Then I wouldn't be tongue tied
 Will I look them to your eyes
 We would never say goodbye
 If I could stop the moon ever arising
 Day would not become the night
 Would't feel this cold inside
 And we'd never say goodbye
 I wish that our dreams were frozen
 Then our hearts would not be broken
 When we let each other go
 If I could steal this moment forever
 Paint a picture perfect smile
 So our story stayed alive
 We would never say goodbye

发布日期:2009年02月25日  所属分类:生活


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  1. avatar DiDi 4

    早起的鸟儿有虫吃 哈哈~抢到沙发~

  2. avatar 炽炎之羽 4

    很好听,不过挺不懂 :mrgreen:

  3. avatar 健康播报 5


  4. avatar Joy 4

    Wonderful song.

  5. avatar hayyn 5

    it’s now or never